Year Long Calendar

For most of my life, I have been frustrated with regular-ass calendars. Seeing only one week or month of life at a time just felt so short sighted. I created these big wall calendars for myself, at first, so I could see the full year ahead all at once. My friends nudged me to start selling them — So I did! It was a great experiment in e-commerce, and the marketing and fulfillment of my own physical product.

Role: Founder & designer

Skills: Web design, visual design, marketing, fulfillment

A whole damn business

I built the website from scratch in Webflow, integrating a Shopify checkout flow. I bought Facebook ads targeting folks who were into bullet journaling, stationery, or in school. I printed the calendars in bulk at Office Depot, packed and labelled them at home, then mailed then out of the local USPS.

I’ve taken a break from this project for now, and the website is dormant. Next time it’s revived, I’ll be automating the fulfillment process with drop-shipping so I don’t have to run around town so much.