Adobe Account Access App

Security is a foundational yet often invisible element of any digital experience. Adobe put user security first with this app, providing a more secure alternative to traditional two-factor authentication methods such as SMS or emailed codes.

My challenge was to design an experience from the ground up that would seamlessly integrate with the existing Adobe Identity ecosystem, work for all user types and edge cases, and bring a lighter feeling to the too-often utilitarian world of security apps.

Role: UX Lead

Skills: User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Prototyping, Art Direction

Collaborators: Michael Lin (UX), Deb Aioki (CopyWriting), Adobe Brand Team (icon and imagery)


Pencil sketch flow charts and wireframes played a huge part in the foundation of this project. I also played art director with the Adobe Brand team to co-create the app icon and background imagery.