Adobe Account

Three of my four years at Adobe were spent shepherding the design and experience of, in addition to managing all the ways that account and identity were represented across the full Adobe ecosystem of apps, software, and websites.

My challenge for Account, at the highest level, was to increase self-service task completion, thereby reducing costly support call volume. Secondary goals included reducing plan cancellations, increasing flexibility and testability of the Account platform, and adding new features as necessary.

Role: UX Lead

Skills: User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Visual design, Prototyping

Collaborators: Deb Aioki (CopyWriting)


I led a functional and visual refresh of the site, redesigning the framework from the ground up to be more modular, responsive, dynamic, and rapidly testable.

Goal 1:  Increasing self-service task-completion; reducing support call volume.

Solutions: Adding a dynamic “High Value Action” module to increase engagement with top-priority tasks. Moving home page quick links to be associated with the relevant information for better discoverability. Adding persistent, dynamic Help Footer content site wide.

Goal 2:  Improved commerce performance; Making it easy to cancel your plan while still working to reduce plan cancellations overall; Encouraging plan switch instead of cancel; Encouraging plan upgrades when appropriate.

Solutions: New Commerce Offer modules to increase conversion and upsells. Constant testing of the Plan card and Manage Plan modal. A new Membership Value card to make the fringe benefits of an Adobe Account more visible, encouraging exploration, satisfaction, and overall customer retention.

Goal 3:  Increasing account security.

Solutions: Re-working the two-factor authentication setup experience to be more intuitive. Launching the Adobe Account Access App. Adding a Delete Account feature.


My work on Adobe Account often extended outside the website. I consulted on how the account is represented and accessed across all mobile, desktop, and web experiences.