Project 1324

Project 1324 was a a platform supporting a global community of creatives ages 13 to 24 who used creativity as a force for positive social change. It was sunset by Adobe just one year after I started as the UX lead (for myriad reasons not related to me… I think) but not before we made huge gains in engagement and improved experience.

Role: Lead Designer

Skills: User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Visual design, Prototyping

Collaborators: Beate Fritsch (UX)

Home feed

Some of the biggest changes happened on the home page, as we lifted the experience from a static dead-end to a dynamic and engaging social feed. The goal was to increase return visits and overall engagement with a fresh mix of artwork, creative challenges, and technical exercises all in one place.

Landing page

I also lead a visual redesign of the signed-out landing page with the goal of increasing overall sign-ups.

Card system

The design systems on the site were originally inconsistent and lackluster. I created a unified card system to display the four main content types (projects, challenges, exercises, and people) in a more dynamic, visual, interactive, and engaging way.

And more...