Lithium (Now Khoros) is a global leader in social media management technology, helping brands grow their influence and create a loyal community. I worked with them for five years as creative lead for the account at Active Ingredients, culminating in a redesign of their website.

Role: Creative Lead

Skills: User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Visual design, Prototyping

Website refresh

What started as a simple visual refresh grew into a holistic rethinking of the entire web experience. We created a new modular design system, implemented a full backend CMS overhaul, developed a living styleguide on the front-end, prototyped animations, developed a UX testing strategy, and fully reassessed content direction and information hierarchy.

Living styleguides

Far above and beyond a simple redesign, our primary goal for this project was to to end up with a living styleguide — a collection of pre-coded elements, modules, and theme options that would fit together seamlessly in infinite layout configurations, continuously updated and maintained on a central server as the brand evolves into the future, and ultimately made available in a CMS so anyone can build pixel-perfect pages in minutes. No more hacked-together one-off pages. No more duplicated code. No more mismatched colors, or off-brand animations, or wondering what size the buttons are supposed to be. Futureproof, as the kids say.


We love running tests on the Lithium site. There’s always something that needs to be analyzed and optimized, whether it’s CTA placement, form layouts, promotion engagement, or efficacy of personalized content. Pictured: A/B testing landing page form layouts. The middle version won by a 200% margin!